Toddler in China is operating heavy machinery 3/5 (1)

Toddler in China is operating heavy machinery

We all know that there are countries where children work from very young, but one thing to work planting rice, ice cream making or counting cards, and quite another to carry heavy machinery like playing with a toy car. Children have developed a sense of danger, the value of life and all that, so I hope I do not end up crushing someone. Carrying a machine of these features comes responsibility and common sense that I think you can not be attributed to a child who should be in school studying. I admire that kid, standing and driving but does not reach the pedals while sitting, and it is amazing as is stretched to the pedals and levers driving behind you at the same time.

Ultimately, i admire but I think that should not be there, but at school studying, which is what should be at his age.


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