The Absurd Story of the Selfie 3.4/5 (5)

Hello friends, today I will talk about a new trend that is taking place in recent years. Well, rather, in recent years he has given a name, as this is done from that photography exists. Today I will talk about the selfie. A selfie is a picture of you made by you, I mean a self portrait. Long live egocentrism.

I have to admit that I have never liked the selfies, but since it has become popular I’m changing my mind about it, and that’s by the ingenuity of the people who have made an art of the selfies. I am going to give some examples of selfies that are worth seeing.

This story is rigorous, the images are not retouched with photoshop or any other image editor. The absurdity, the real, who knows?.

Selfie Hitler With Your IphoneHere you can see Hitler becoming a selfie with your Iphone. This photo is not retouched. Because the Photoshop did not exist then.

Selfie ChristThis selfie of Jesus Christ on the cross shows us that this is already a long time ago, in fact, it has taken two thousand years to become fashionable, lol.

Selfie Mona LisaA Celebrity selfie. La Gioconda, also known as Mona Lisa, is having a double life, and had a name day and another at night.

Super SelfieAnother Celebrity selfie. Superman taking a superselfie, which were useful to the poster of the film. A poster of low budget and it works, yes sir …

Selfie de Aki Hoshide en el espacioAs the boom was a Celebrity selfie, astronaut Aki Hoshide did. to take a selfie in space, that’s when he became famous, if you would ask anyone walking on the street, you know Aki Hoshide? Sure your answer something like: Aki Hoshide, sure man I know, it’s geek that it became an astronaut. to take a selfie in space!.

Selfie CatchAnd people began to be selfies in unusual situations, you know, not go to heaven if you have not taken a selfie, and it is clear that in heaven there are categories, so as more fun is that selfie better positioned you will be there.

Selfie while he finedAnd how not? A selfie while police put you the traffic fine of your life, because now the fine will be more expensive, for getting me in the photo with the face of asshole.

Selfie tattooAnd is that made ​​selfies can become a way of life, there are those who can not live without selfies, clear example, this girl has tattooed taking a selfie. And I say … if a tattoo is for life, or for a long time (now can be removed with laser), could have chosen a photo that you leave a little more favored, and not one that seems to go spit the bone of a plum. Hahaha.

Selfie Riot Police

As this riot police, when you got your new coat with advertising of Land Rover Defender, and looked in the mirror to see how it suited him, he realized that he had written advertising upside down, and selfie was to prove their superiors and thus it replaced with another that is good.

Group Selfie with a stickThis trend came to the point that people no longer wanted to be alone in the selfie, someone thought of taking multi-selfies, and also extended. Of course, sometimes you can not reach out both to see all the people, and the quick fix was to put the ugliest at the ends, so if it comes out … cut … shame you have not left, lol. But someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, and little work,
thought to take advantage of that, and invented a stick to grab the phone and be able to selfies from a greater distance, and the ugly will come too.

Selfie Plane PilotThis pilot had wanted a selfie while flying the plane, but the copilot refused to stand up in the nose of the airplane while flying above the clouds, and it then would not be a selfie. It was rather the “stick for your selfie”.

Selfie face deformed with sellotapeBut the desperation of the people for a better position in the sky made ​​to seek new ways to get attention, and your selfie was more striking than others. Then came the “Myfacedeformedwithsellotape-selfie”, and well … there are thousands, or hundreds of thousands
or millions in “Google Images” with your “Myfacedeformedwithsellotape-selfie”. By the way, this girl reminds me Pegui piggy of Muppets.

Selfie deformed face with sellotape and things 01

And as usual, wit step like the open water, and they did things like this, I have no idea to its meaning. Because deform the face with sellotape, you may think that if they see you with the deformed face will laugh a lot, but I do not know … if you also have in your deformed face, pasted a banana, does selfie improvement?. Man, I think not much.

Selfie deformed face with sellotape and things 02I imagine this guy going up this selfie on Twiter or Facebook and write something like this: I’m finding Nemo!. Okay buster, because I know where it is. Before you know it when you were rolling up his big head with sellotape is you stayed glued. What I have not clear is which of the two is Nemo?.

Selfie deformed face with sellotape and things 03Without words!. Only say that there is something that pulls the nerve of an eye, I do not know if it’s the ball or beer bottle.

Selfie with laptopNobody said a selfie has to be done with a camera or a mobile phone, so this girl uses the camera of your laptop to your little place in heaven.

Selfie Dog 03The selfies are also not limited to human persons, and this dog should know.

Selfie Dog 02This dog shows us that bit his tongue and he has been hurt.

Selfie phelfieA Phelfie is a selfie showing his teeth.

Selfie Dog 01Another Phelfie.

Selfie LionsThese lions shows these dogs, they can also be selfies.

The Cat Selfie in a FireThis cat, apparently selfie is his name, puts it in the picture, lol. And that is behind his old house, set her on fire because his owner would changed his food brand without asking before.

The Cat Selfie in MexicoSelfie the cat in Mexico. With no home, travels the world and shows it with a selfies precious.

The Cat Selfie in Stonehenge EnglandSelfie the cat in Stonehenge (England).

The Cat Selfie in his Last SelfieAfter this selfie no longer knew anything about him. If someone has a selfie of this unique, please to post it, has me worried.


Now it’s the turn of the funniest selfies variant, the Fails. To me personally are the ones I like.

Selfie fail 01For example this girl, sexy clothes, sexy pose, aim … shoot!. Fuck Daddy!, You’ve ruined this beautiful selfie!. Because I expect that this will be your father, of course.

Selfie fail 02Never climbing with a deaf climber, look at this, take a selfie to the reach the summit, while his companion was shouting.My feet are sliding, motherf****r!

Selfie fail 03To Jana was the mirror which he played a dirty trick, as to the riot police above. Hehehe.

aim shootBoys boys!, With a camera!, Point and shoot, but with a camera. Hope you do not carry out this selfie.

And now just the last selfie, best, the unquestionable, so I never imagined I would get to see. If there are different categories in the sky, this guy must be God.

Selfie of Power Ranger Cooking a Guinea PigA Power Ranger cooking a guinea pig in the bathroom!. I did not know the Power Rangers ate guinea pigs. I personally do not like much, have to be deep-fried, without hairs, which then stay between teeth.

Well, I do not extend more, hope you has become clear what a selfie, what a phelfie, what a “Myfacedeformedwithsellotape-selfie” and all its variants, is still open to the imagination and will surely see new formulas to earn a place in heaven.


Regards, bye bye.

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