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Trick to simulate working 2.43/5 (7)

Trick to simulate working

Trick to simulate working

A good trick.

This man was given that job because he showed intelligence, so it’s not surprising to have so much imagination to do a trick to simulate working.

What really is surprising is that the pigeons know that keys have to type, as do entire multi-page jobs, the truth is that pigeons are very hardworking and do a lot of production. The boss is satisfied with the performance of this worker.

If the boss finds out, the pigeons will hire and dismiss the employee. Hehe.

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A Pair Of Billets More 4.4/5 (5)

A Pair Of Billets More

How many billets think you can carry balanced on the head?, One? What, two?, maybe what, three?, lol, this man takes at least a few more billets.

Someone should tell these poor people that there are other ways to transport billets and others, and also to carry a larger amount of them is not as harmful to the column. I speak of the despised wheelbarrow.

A Pair Of Billets More Wheelbarrow

Of course I do not know if they know that the wheel exists, would have to know that first.

Sometimes I think that the gods must be crazy. These must be those that are a bottle of Coca Cola and thrown to the sky to give it back to God, and seeing that falls back think god returns.

Seriously, it’s amazing balance they have. And when he drops a billet, which has the ability to raise the foot at the right time, because it can not look down,¬†will fall all billets have above the head.

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Forklifts twice effective 3.5/5 (2)

Forklifts twice effective

Funny video of Forklifts twice effective.

Guys … have you thought to upload a pallet truck?, maybe that would be more correct, but of course, it’s less fun.

The forklifts are designed to lift a load. This way of loading the truck is very original and funny, but I think is not the right way.

It could come another forklift and load the truck into another truck.

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Harlem Shake – Bavarian Paramedics 5/5 (1)

Harlem Shake - Bavarian Paramedics

Harlem Shake! Harlem Shake!, I love the Harlem Shake. This time we have one of these videos performed by Bavarian Paramedics, and I love them because are short and funny videos, and if above the work is serious it gets better . We have heard much of the typical topic of the seriousness of the Germans, and here are to show that sense of humor not them lack.

Shake shake, Harlem Shake!.

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