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App to make money 1.8/5 (5)

App to make money

App to make money

The perfect App to make money

Sometimes you think that if magicians really are magicians, they would appear money, or buy a lottery ticket that will touch the prize. Why they have to go about doing shows to make money ?.

This is exactly what we have thought some software developers. Make applications to make money selling them, or make money by putting advertising on them. And it occurred to them to think of magicians.

Instead of making an App to make a little of money selling it, make an App that manufactures money.

I think that’s very good developer you are, but you need to be a magician also to make an App with these features.

Would you say that this app is real? or is it a fake?. I think it’s real, but do not know how he does it. Hehe.

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IPhone 6 Holographic – The ultimate in technology 4.5/5 (2)

IPhone 6 Holographic - The ultimate in technology

The revolutionary new IPhone 6 holographically project a large screen and keyboard, so we can carry in your pocket the equivalent of a powerful desktop computer with a display of about 50 or 60 inches, with a customizable keyboard, mouse and gamepad also holographic.

And all this in a device about 4 inches. The new IPhone 6 Holographic seems more Hoi Poi capsule than a mobile phone, lol.

At the end of the video says “2013” … ummmm .. that … is it the launch date ?, we are now in 2014, will it be out in the past ?. Apple these are great. At work all you have to do it yesterday.

Real or Fake ?, judge for yourself, I’ve seen enough real, has convinced me, well … maybe … no no, yes, I think so I think so.

The new IPhone 6 Holographic pisses over any Android and Windows Phone. There you have it.

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