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Happy Birthday penis-piano version 1.29/5 (7)

Happy Birthday penis-piano version

Happy Birthday penis-piano version

The song Happy Birthday in penis-piano version is even better than the original, to which we are accustomed.

But these guys are great, and have managed to make their own version. A much more sexy and funny version.

I think many of us would like to do that which is seen in the video, but we are not so long as to do so.

I do not rolled up again, and I leave you to look at the video of Happy Birthday in penis-piano version.


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Where do men look – Social Experiment 3.33/5 (3)

Where do men look - Social Experiment

Lately technological advances are more striking than ever. This time we will see how the technology is applied in the glasses. I remember years ago, a viewer wearing “Scouter” a Super Warrior of Dragon Ball Z series, which apparently showed him useful information. And more recently, we have another example of technology applied in glasses, of the giant Google, the Google Glass, which also displays useful information through a viewfinder, and can record video and photos, memorize a path you have traveled with your GPS built recognize places … and some other things we’ll see when definitely bring to the sale.

 Google Glass style Dragon Ball Z

There are also several software, which through a simple camera, scan your eyes to find out where you are looking. This technology is used mainly for advertising, advertisers can thus knowing which areas of the screen turn our gaze more frequently, and ask for more money from advertisers to advertise there, as they can demonstrate that the results that area are most effective.

Eye Scanner

Also think I remember that a car brand did tests with an ocular scanner to detect where to look at the driver and thus the onboard computer would know if you have seen the traffic signal which approximates, or before changing lane know if he has looked in the rearview mirror, so we can advise or act accordingly.

Here I put a video of a study they did with glasses with sensors, also equipped with a laser pointer pointing exactly where those naughty eyes look at. And the result is surprising. Where do you think men look ?.

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Santa Claus, I tell you mom is Santa Claus 4.33/5 (3)

Santa Claus, I tell you mom is Santa Claus

Santa Claus, popularly known character, looking like fat old man with a long white beard. I prefer the female version. This is usually a slender and beautiful curves girl, I mean a sexy girl. In an ideal world would be a girl.

In this video the protagonists are convinced that his mother is Santa Claus, as they find clothing that is clearly Santa Claus in one of the drawers of clothes in her mother’s room. And they are also completely sure because there is also a whip to whip the reindeer.

I do not know the mother of these children, but after seeing this video several times and reconsider a while, I realize that this woman is anything but Santa Claus.

I hope that in the year you’ve been good, but rather Santa Claus instead of bringing you some good gifts, will give you lashes on the buttocks. Do you prefer? Gifts or lashes ?.

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Paul Bissonnette 4.8/5 (5)

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Paul Bissonnette

Paul Bissonnette, ice hockey player, accepts the ice bucket challenge. And doing it surprises us at the top of a mountain, throwing over 300 liters of ice water.

With the soundtrack with song “Come With Me Now” of Kongos, and a helicopter, and a mountain, and 300 liters of water, this is an awesome video. Although I think it’s a little dangerous, I imagine taking the appropriate security measures so that no accident occurs.

Paul Bissonnette has managed to make the ice bucket challenge of spectacular way, and that is why it is succeeding in Internet and social networks.

The goal is to raise awareness of ALS disease and encourage donations.

Luckily many famous people are accepting the ice bucket challenge, as they have a lot of money and can make generous donations for research for this disease.

Any way to get donations seems appropriate.

 Please donate to ALS research if you can. Is very important.

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