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Colin Furze’s 70mph Mobility Scooter Go Faster 4.2/5 (5)

Colin Furzes 70mph Mobility Scooter Go Faster

The title “Colin Furze’s 70mph Mobility Scooter Go Faster” is giving you a hint of what you’ll find in this video.

Colin Furze is a British inventor, and has several inventions as varied, and has several Guinness records, including the fastest mobility scooter in the world, at 70mph.

Record Ginness Colin Furzes 70mph Mobility Scooter Go Faster

The truth is that it looks funny, very funny, but I think it would be a little safer if carrying helmet instead of that cap that is cool but it is still a cap, and honestly, doing the Brahminy at that speed, he could have done much damage.

I can imagine a queue of grandparents in shop doors asking you to Colin Furze sprucing them in his mobility scooter, and then they who are offered every day to go to buy bread. Hehehe.Grandfather !, bread is hot does ?. What if child looks hot ?, … to give you an idea … I went out for bread at 10: 20am. and I was back at 10:15am. How about ?.

It is seen that the grandfather is very horny, but we will not talk about the grandfather. We will enjoy a spectacular video.

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Brazil Failed Robbery 3.5/5 (4)

Brazil Failed Robbery

If I have this video entitled “Brazil failed robbery” is about something. These two robbers have a very elaborate plan to commit the robbery of their lives. But they are not from Brazil, and here, in Brazil, do not mess with nonsense.

While one of them waiting on the bike, the other comes into the store and takes everything that he can. To get out and ride on the bike and escape quickly.

And effectively. He took everything he could. Three well-placed slaps !!!, and luck was that the window was open, because I do not think the owner of the establishment stand to look if it is open or closed. His friend, making a demonstration of bravery, he went quick, seeing him fall out the window.

So sore from the slaps and the thump on the floor, and now no bike, I hope you run more than the delivery of slaps, because as you get caught yet going to make you a new face.

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Driving Without Traffic Lights in Ethiopia 3.5/5 (2)

Driving Without Traffic Lights in Ethiopia

The people driving without traffic lights in Ethiopia.

To blow your senses. This intersection is extremely dangerous in Ethiopia, and apparently This is not only at this intersection. If you look beyond the other intersection you see is also the same.

And what really blows my mind is people crossing walking. It is amazing, risk their lives to cross the street. To go from home to work you risk your life 10 or 15 times each day. By sheer statistics do not do very old, many times risking their lives every day, sooner or later fall, sure.

Should be a hit two vehicles there, in the middle, whose fault is it ?. which comes from the right ?. What right ?. Of course, now my right is my right, but if I change the direction as they do constantly, now my right is not my right, but my left. What a mess. also will be a mountain of vehicles, then do not undo of it any way.

I once did bungee jumping !!!. That is not nothin !!!. I spent walking through an intersection in Ethiopia. There you have it.

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Six people and a dog on a motorcycle in India 4/5 (4)

Six people and a dog on a motorcycle in India

That seat larger !!!, can fit six people … oh my god !!!. As another bike collisions with another whole family. the police to see so many people scattered on the ground will ask something like this. How many vehicles are involved says? Two?.

And if you stop and fine you …

Mr. Policeman, who has not become clear to me, why you are fining to me?, by too many people to go on the bike?, by not wearing a helmet any?, by over for speeding?, by drunk driving?, by skip traffic light on red?, by not have a drivers license?, or by going on a stolen bike?.

Joking aside, why would you want a car if you can have that bike in India?.

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Biker gets off with an axe at a traffic light by touching the horn 4.5/5 (2)

Biker gets off with an axe at a traffic light by touching the horn

This biker gets off his bike with an ax in hand, that the driver behind him honk when the light turned green. And I say this … the guy was clueless, it is normal that behind him honk, even alerting you that is already green. And secondly, do you carry an ax on the bike?, I think it happened that he has gone to the hardware store to buy the ax to cut down a tree and wanted to be the macho, because carrying an ax on the bike … is something I can not understand, and use it for that much less.

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