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An incredible story 5/5 (2)

An incredible story

Surely more than one occasion you have heard an incredible story. Well … in this video you’ll discover one of the most incredible stories you’ve ever heard.

There are some movies, series, plays, books … etc, which have an incredible story, while we were amazed, we get into the story as if we were living ourselves, and sometimes feel empathy for the protagonist, although this is a stupid character like Dr. House, for example, which is rude as anyone but a lot of people like him, or Dexter, a serial murderer, but you like him to well, and are looking forward to catch another of their victims and then pieces …

It seems unthinkable, but a good screenwriter can transform the way you see things, and you believe in what he wants. We have seen that you to like a stupid character like Dr. House, or you think nice a serial murderer, like Dexter. So if one day you come home and you find your wife in bed and a guy in his underwear inside your closet, pray that this is not a screenwriter, because if it is … could tell you a story that changes everything in it you think, and believe me … you get what you believe.

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Little Dirty 4.25/5 (4)

Little Dirty

There are things we are more accustomed to seeing them in men than in women. It is just as ugly, but women as they are thinner and more delicate, so usually it is more rare to see a woman spit. So when we see it we think it’s a little dirty. In a man it seems more normal because men are more rough and careless.

Although in reality we are all equal, the only difference between us is that women seek anyone to see. In this video we have proof of this.

And how many times have us believe that nobody sees us, and anyone that does not take away an eye on.?

Here you have a little gem starring this girl, nice but a little dirty, in a slightly embarrassing situation.

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Hips Don’t Lie of Shakira by Out of the Blue – Oxford Students 2.67/5 (3)

Hips Don't Lie - Charity Single - Out of the Blue - Shakira

Hips Don’t Lie and Waka Waka, and do not know if any more theme (do not know much songs from Shakira) in a medley done by the guys at Out of the Blue Oxford. The profits generated by the video they will go to help the Helen & Douglas House support for children and young adults.

The same Shakira has shared the video on Twitter and Facebook, and also loves video and initiative.

Since it is a video for a charitable cause I put Video and direct links to the Youtube channel of Out of the Blue, its official website and Helen & Douglas House, in case you want to buy the single or make a donation.

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