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Best way to wash your car 3.5/5 (2)

The best way to wash your car

The best way to wash your car

It may be that this woman knows something we do not know. We think we can not wash the car with water pressure inside because upholstery would ruin. But we do not know, because we have not tried to never do.

We also think in electronics. The stereo is not waterproof. But neither know, nor because we tried. I mean many things we think may be erroneous, and in fact are not.

One thing is certain. The car will be very clean. And if the car is her husband, this will kill her when he steps into the car.

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Fails for baby 4.5/5 (4)

Fails for baby

Some fails is what you’ll see in a funniest video. It’s like all these compilations circulating on the Internet, but with a cute baby laughs loudly after each smack. So you end up laughing.
Baby Laughter is very contagious.

By the way, that clown scares me. But much much fear.

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High Jump 4.67/5 (9)

High Jump

These potatoes, these croquettes, these prawns, those donuts definitely those meals with beer. Of course, so one gets chubby and lose agility. While a jump stick their heads above others are not able to jump a chain 20 inches in height.

Dude, next time you want to skip something think twice, that if has not been killed by the fall.

Sometimes you fall and get up quickly and look sideways to see if anyone saw you. This time it is not necessary because both broken and made ​​so much noise that everyone has seen it. hehe.

boy, you can go to practice a little of high jump. Hehe.

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Left without paying for fuel 3.4/5 (5)

left without paying for fuel

This person or thing that drives this car has stopped to refuel in one of those automatic stations as it had before, and each time you get less, and now are putting all manuals. Let me explain.

In modern gas stations there is no one for me to put the fuel. We have to do it manually. Instead of gas stations were automatic before. There was one person that when you stop you told how much you want and what fuel, and automatically put what you had stated.

But then, in automatic stations (where the operator automatically serves you) have to pay later, and this person or thing is that this does not know. Hehe. Think, stop and automatically puts me fuel, as is more or less full, start the car and automatically’m going fast.

It will not pay for fuel, but destroys that there might be done is much worse.

And in this case, fortunate that the operator has been attentive and brought out the hose.

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Method for increasing trust 4.25/5 (4)

Method for increasing trust

The world of psychology is very abstract. I imagine every psychologist has a somewhat personal perspective in each case to be treated, but more or less all have the same systems and / or methods to remedy common issues.

Let me explain. There are particular cases where psychologists have to deal with patients with very rare or uncommon psychopathology, and in those cases I imagine it will have a greater effort to redirect this situation. But usually have to treat more common disorders such as relationship problems, lack of attention to learn, fears or even lack of trust. To whom have some methods that can help them in their task.

Precisely that’s what this video. What we see here is a method widely used for increasing trust. You close your eyes (or put you a blindfold) and you drop, the other person who is with you will catch before falling.

The downside of this method is that as fails, you will not will trust even in Psychologists.

If you want to try this method for increasing trust at home, be sure to leave all things very clear before starting. Hehe.

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