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Driving Without Traffic Lights in Ethiopia 3.5/5 (2)

Driving Without Traffic Lights in Ethiopia

The people driving without traffic lights in Ethiopia.

To blow your senses. This intersection is extremely dangerous in Ethiopia, and apparently This is not only at this intersection. If you look beyond the other intersection you see is also the same.

And what really blows my mind is people crossing walking. It is amazing, risk their lives to cross the street. To go from home to work you risk your life 10 or 15 times each day. By sheer statistics do not do very old, many times risking their lives every day, sooner or later fall, sure.

Should be a hit two vehicles there, in the middle, whose fault is it ?. which comes from the right ?. What right ?. Of course, now my right is my right, but if I change the direction as they do constantly, now my right is not my right, but my left. What a mess. also will be a mountain of vehicles, then do not undo of it any way.

I once did bungee jumping !!!. That is not nothin !!!. I spent walking through an intersection in Ethiopia. There you have it.

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