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Santa Claus, I tell you mom is Santa Claus 4.33/5 (3)

Santa Claus, I tell you mom is Santa Claus

Santa Claus, popularly known character, looking like fat old man with a long white beard. I prefer the female version. This is usually a slender and beautiful curves girl, I mean a sexy girl. In an ideal world would be a girl.

In this video the protagonists are convinced that his mother is Santa Claus, as they find clothing that is clearly Santa Claus in one of the drawers of clothes in her mother’s room. And they are also completely sure because there is also a whip to whip the reindeer.

I do not know the mother of these children, but after seeing this video several times and reconsider a while, I realize that this woman is anything but Santa Claus.

I hope that in the year you’ve been good, but rather Santa Claus instead of bringing you some good gifts, will give you lashes on the buttocks. Do you prefer? Gifts or lashes ?.

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Children dancing The Lazy Song of Bruno Mars 3.4/5 (5)

Children dancing The Lazy Song of Bruno Mars

Today i do not feel like doing anything …

I just wanna lay in my bed.

Bruno Mars knows how we feel most people, most days. It says very clearly in this quirky video clip where I remember that we came from monkeys, and honestly some people, their behavior, they note, hehe.

At issue, what brings us here today is this video of two children dancing theme The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. Funny by the way they mimic the authors and the clothing they wear, these pants with that sort of rainbow not go unnoticed.

There you have it, a fun and good music video.

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Method for increasing trust 4.25/5 (4)

Method for increasing trust

The world of psychology is very abstract. I imagine every psychologist has a somewhat personal perspective in each case to be treated, but more or less all have the same systems and / or methods to remedy common issues.

Let me explain. There are particular cases where psychologists have to deal with patients with very rare or uncommon psychopathology, and in those cases I imagine it will have a greater effort to redirect this situation. But usually have to treat more common disorders such as relationship problems, lack of attention to learn, fears or even lack of trust. To whom have some methods that can help them in their task.

Precisely that’s what this video. What we see here is a method widely used for increasing trust. You close your eyes (or put you a blindfold) and you drop, the other person who is with you will catch before falling.

The downside of this method is that as fails, you will not will trust even in Psychologists.

If you want to try this method for increasing trust at home, be sure to leave all things very clear before starting. Hehe.

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Baby waking up with Gangnam style 3.5/5 (2)

Baby waking up with Gangnam Style

Hehe, funny video you brings a smile. This baby is sleeping peacefully while playing the song “Ready or Not” by Bridgit Mendler (previously sung by The Fugees) undeterred least. But when she hears her favorite topic, which could not be other than PSY Gangnam Style, the baby wakes up and starts dancing like crazy.

I laughed a lot when I saw this baby waking up with Gangnam Style song.

What makes too very funny, is the reaction of the sister who gets to laugh with a catchy laugh. and even the face with hands cover it, like when you feel embarrassed. :D

If you’re a regular on this page already know, but if you’re not, tell you that if you want to share this video or any of WhatsThings.com through WhatsApp, you just have to access the link there after video or capture QR code, once there just click on the button that says “Download”, and you get it on your phone to share with your friends by WhatsApp or whatever.

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Six people and a dog on a motorcycle in India 4/5 (4)

Six people and a dog on a motorcycle in India

That seat larger !!!, can fit six people … oh my god !!!. As another bike collisions with another whole family. the police to see so many people scattered on the ground will ask something like this. How many vehicles are involved says? Two?.

And if you stop and fine you …

Mr. Policeman, who has not become clear to me, why you are fining to me?, by too many people to go on the bike?, by not wearing a helmet any?, by over for speeding?, by drunk driving?, by skip traffic light on red?, by not have a drivers license?, or by going on a stolen bike?.

Joking aside, why would you want a car if you can have that bike in India?.

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