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Trick to simulate working 2.43/5 (7)

Trick to simulate working

Trick to simulate working

A good trick.

This man was given that job because he showed intelligence, so it’s not surprising to have so much imagination to do a trick to simulate working.

What really is surprising is that the pigeons know that keys have to type, as do entire multi-page jobs, the truth is that pigeons are very hardworking and do a lot of production. The boss is satisfied with the performance of this worker.

If the boss finds out, the pigeons will hire and dismiss the employee. Hehe.

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Kangaroo is Naughty 0.8/5 (5)

Kangaroo is Naughty

Kangaroo is Naughty

Kangaroo, from Australia to France.

Rémi Gaillard is a French humorist, and his humor is a bit special.

This video shows us, that kangaroos are friendly and naughty, in funny situations, some more than others, but you do not stay indifferent to see it.

The kangaroo is playful and sometimes fight among themselves leaning on the tail, it’s a very funny situation.

It makes me laugh when he makes auto stop, or rather plane stop, hehe, to go home, Australia. Everyone knows that Australia is home to the kangaroo.

After the video I share a link to the website of Rémi Gaillard, if you want to look at it, there are many videos like this.

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Filming crew stumbles upon a grizzly bear 4.5/5 (4)

Filming crew stumbles upon a grizzly bear

A filming crew was preparing whole Atrezzo at the North Pole (not sure if his intention was to make a movie or a TV commercial), and suddenly to them appear a huge Grizzly Bear, forcing the team to go there. Luckily, they were hidden just beyond, taking the opportunity to record some never seen before pictures. Subtle human behavior is seen when the Grizzly Bear contacts utensils Atrezzo filming crew.

The truth is that these behaviors are very subtle, and you have to pay attention, but you go unnoticed. So look carefully and you’ll see how it feels to:

- He reads the newspaper.

- he juggles with fish.

- Singing, playing guitar.

- It makes a selfie.

- Make a snowman and play it.

- And Dance Break Dance to the rhythm of music.

Some filming crew members say that was not a Grizzly Bear, but a Polar Bear. But others are totally convinced that it was a Grizzly Bear. And the truth is that I do not have anything clear, at first seems a Grizzly Bear, and as you go through the video’s I think a Polar Bear.

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Stupid guy vs chained dog 3.33/5 (3)

Stupid guy vs chained dog

Damn these brave and stupid guy, who dares to confront the chained dog. I think a good bite in the ass deserves. For him to sit, he will remember how brave he was.

Another small bite for the guy who was recording it, because if you see that, you do nothing to stop it and worst of all, the record and you laugh, you almost as much blame for what happens as the other guy.

This video is just one of many thousands that circulate on the Internet, we’re showing people that we are aggressive with animals. If over one sausage you give that dog, you have a friend for life, but instead it, is better to alter and scare him, so that when a child pass around, the dog jump up and shatter. Then the dogs are bad, some murderers wrought by human hand.

Fucking brave.

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Six people and a dog on a motorcycle in India 4/5 (4)

Six people and a dog on a motorcycle in India

That seat larger !!!, can fit six people … oh my god !!!. As another bike collisions with another whole family. the police to see so many people scattered on the ground will ask something like this. How many vehicles are involved says? Two?.

And if you stop and fine you …

Mr. Policeman, who has not become clear to me, why you are fining to me?, by too many people to go on the bike?, by not wearing a helmet any?, by over for speeding?, by drunk driving?, by skip traffic light on red?, by not have a drivers license?, or by going on a stolen bike?.

Joking aside, why would you want a car if you can have that bike in India?.

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