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High Jump 4.67/5 (9)

High Jump

These potatoes, these croquettes, these prawns, those donuts definitely those meals with beer. Of course, so one gets chubby and lose agility. While a jump stick their heads above others are not able to jump a chain 20 inches in height.

Dude, next time you want to skip something think twice, that if has not been killed by the fall.

Sometimes you fall and get up quickly and look sideways to see if anyone saw you. This time it is not necessary because both broken and made ​​so much noise that everyone has seen it. hehe.

boy, you can go to practice a little of high jump. Hehe.

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Americas Got Talent Audition Fails Just Start 3.75/5 (4)

Americas Got Talent Audition Fails Just Start

In America’s got talent program, a performance went wrong. I think it could not have gone worse, the guy goes down just start, and loses consciousness. The jury members remain dumbfounded, do not know if what is happening is part of the show or it’s not.

In my opinion, it has taken a long time to attend him. But this is what happens in these programs, where all that matters is the audience, the more the better, whatever the cost.

In this case the cost is the health of this guy. But in many other cases, the cost is the dignity of one who makes ridiculous there. Who attends these programs and know the price that could cost him, (his dignity).

In this video you can see how this audition fails just start.

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In China car falls off a bridge and a miracle occurs 3/5 (1)

In China car falls off a bridge and a miracle occurs

In China car falls over a bridge and a miracle happens, well, miracles are two, the first one did not anyone walking on the sidewalk (I could have made a carnage), and the second you have to see.

Do you believe in miracles?. The person or thing that was driving this car, now he believes. Common sense is the steering wheel back into position after turning, if not, you will see what happens.

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Darwin Award Winners – If you’re gonna fail, you might as well fail big 5/5 (1)

Darwin Award Winners - If you're gonna fail, you might as well fail big

Darwin Award Winners, the human evolution.

There are ways and ways to screw up, and we all know that reporters are trained and they are people who know how to do things, and to prove it here a video where we can see that this journalist failed, but the good shit shit. I dread to think how much it took to build this man destroys in seconds.

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