Stupid guy vs chained dog 3.33/5 (3)

Stupid guy vs chained dog

Damn these brave and stupid guy, who dares to confront the chained dog. I think a good bite in the ass deserves. For him to sit, he will remember how brave he was.

Another small bite for the guy who was recording it, because if you see that, you do nothing to stop it and worst of all, the record and you laugh, you almost as much blame for what happens as the other guy.

This video is just one of many thousands that circulate on the Internet, we’re showing people that we are aggressive with animals. If over one sausage you give that dog, you have a friend for life, but instead it, is better to alter and scare him, so that when a child pass around, the dog jump up and shatter. Then the dogs are bad, some murderers wrought by human hand.

Fucking brave.


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