Santa Claus, I tell you mom is Santa Claus 4.33/5 (3)

Santa Claus, I tell you mom is Santa Claus

Santa Claus, popularly known character, looking like fat old man with a long white beard. I prefer the female version. This is usually a slender and beautiful curves girl, I mean a sexy girl. In an ideal world would be a girl.

In this video the protagonists are convinced that his mother is Santa Claus, as they find clothing that is clearly Santa Claus in one of the drawers of clothes in her mother’s room. And they are also completely sure because there is also a whip to whip the reindeer.

I do not know the mother of these children, but after seeing this video several times and reconsider a while, I realize that this woman is anything but Santa Claus.

I hope that in the year you’ve been good, but rather Santa Claus instead of bringing you some good gifts, will give you lashes on the buttocks. Do you prefer? Gifts or lashes ?.


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