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Method for increasing trust

The world of psychology is very abstract. I imagine every psychologist has a somewhat personal perspective in each case to be treated, but more or less all have the same systems and / or methods to remedy common issues.

Let me explain. There are particular cases where psychologists have to deal with patients with very rare or uncommon psychopathology, and in those cases I imagine it will have a greater effort to redirect this situation. But usually have to treat more common disorders such as relationship problems, lack of attention to learn, fears or even lack of trust. To whom have some methods that can help them in their task.

Precisely that’s what this video. What we see here is a method widely used for increasing trust. You close your eyes (or put you a blindfold) and you drop, the other person who is with you will catch before falling.

The downside of this method is that as fails, you will not will trust even in Psychologists.

If you want to try this method for increasing trust at home, be sure to leave all things very clear before starting. Hehe.


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