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Kangaroo is Naughty

Kangaroo is Naughty

Kangaroo, from Australia to France.

Rémi Gaillard is a French humorist, and his humor is a bit special.

This video shows us, that kangaroos are friendly and naughty, in funny situations, some more than others, but you do not stay indifferent to see it.

The kangaroo is playful and sometimes fight among themselves leaning on the tail, it’s a very funny situation.

It makes me laugh when he makes auto stop, or rather plane stop, hehe, to go home, Australia. Everyone knows that Australia is home to the kangaroo.

After the video I share a link to the website of Rémi Gaillard, if you want to look at it, there are many videos like this.


Rémi Gaillard Web Page

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