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Infinite Chocolate Bar

Mariano Tomatis show Amazing trick for make infinite chocolate bars.

Some math students have discovered how to make chocolate is infinite. In this video we can see how making some magic cuts, we suddenly appears a piece of chocolate. But the chocolate bar is still the same amount of bits.
This is awesome, is infinite chocolate bar!.
Manufacturers of chocolate deceive us. They have only a chocolate bar, and then take thousands or millions. Trucks and lorries filled with chocolate created from nothing. And we buy and we pay this chocolate just as that the other chocolate.

Does to be white chocolate ?, can be black chocolate ?.

Now I will do an experiment. I cut money in the same way, with a little luck I’ll money, big money.
When I’m rich I will explain if this works or not.

I like chocolate, I like money, if it works with chocolate, it must also work with money.


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