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An incredible story

Surely more than one occasion you have heard an incredible story. Well … in this video you’ll discover one of the most incredible stories you’ve ever heard.

There are some movies, series, plays, books … etc, which have an incredible story, while we were amazed, we get into the story as if we were living ourselves, and sometimes feel empathy for the protagonist, although this is a stupid character like Dr. House, for example, which is rude as anyone but a lot of people like him, or Dexter, a serial murderer, but you like him to well, and are looking forward to catch another of their victims and then pieces …

It seems unthinkable, but a good screenwriter can transform the way you see things, and you believe in what he wants. We have seen that you to like a stupid character like Dr. House, or you think nice a serial murderer, like Dexter. So if one day you come home and you find your wife in bed and a guy in his underwear inside your closet, pray that this is not a screenwriter, because if it is … could tell you a story that changes everything in it you think, and believe me … you get what you believe.


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