Filming crew stumbles upon a grizzly bear 4.5/5 (4)

Filming crew stumbles upon a grizzly bear

A filming crew was preparing whole Atrezzo at the North Pole (not sure if his intention was to make a movie or a TV commercial), and suddenly to them appear a huge Grizzly Bear, forcing the team to go there. Luckily, they were hidden just beyond, taking the opportunity to record some never seen before pictures. Subtle human behavior is seen when the Grizzly Bear contacts utensils Atrezzo filming crew.

The truth is that these behaviors are very subtle, and you have to pay attention, but you go unnoticed. So look carefully and you’ll see how it feels to:

- He reads the newspaper.

- he juggles with fish.

- Singing, playing guitar.

- It makes a selfie.

- Make a snowman and play it.

- And Dance Break Dance to the rhythm of music.

Some filming crew members say that was not a Grizzly Bear, but a Polar Bear. But others are totally convinced that it was a Grizzly Bear. And the truth is that I do not have anything clear, at first seems a Grizzly Bear, and as you go through the video’s I think a Polar Bear.

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