Brazil Failed Robbery 3.5/5 (4)

Brazil Failed Robbery

If I have this video entitled “Brazil failed robbery” is about something. These two robbers have a very elaborate plan to commit the robbery of their lives. But they are not from Brazil, and here, in Brazil, do not mess with nonsense.

While one of them waiting on the bike, the other comes into the store and takes everything that he can. To get out and ride on the bike and escape quickly.

And effectively. He took everything he could. Three well-placed slaps !!!, and luck was that the window was open, because I do not think the owner of the establishment stand to look if it is open or closed. His friend, making a demonstration of bravery, he went quick, seeing him fall out the window.

So sore from the slaps and the thump on the floor, and now no bike, I hope you run more than the delivery of slaps, because as you get caught yet going to make you a new face.


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