ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Paul Bissonnette 4.8/5 (5)

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Paul Bissonnette

Paul Bissonnette, ice hockey player, accepts the ice bucket challenge. And doing it surprises us at the top of a mountain, throwing over 300 liters of ice water.

With the soundtrack with song “Come With Me Now” of Kongos, and a helicopter, and a mountain, and 300 liters of water, this is an awesome video. Although I think it’s a little dangerous, I imagine taking the appropriate security measures so that no accident occurs.

Paul Bissonnette has managed to make the ice bucket challenge of spectacular way, and that is why it is succeeding in Internet and social networks.

The goal is to raise awareness of ALS disease and encourage donations.

Luckily many famous people are accepting the ice bucket challenge, as they have a lot of money and can make generous donations for research for this disease.

Any way to get donations seems appropriate.

 Please donate to ALS research if you can. Is very important.


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